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Welcome to Plum Mobile Support!

Thank you for choosing Plum Mobile!

All Plum Mobile devices carry a one (1) year Manufacturers Limited Warranty against defects, which does not cover physical or water damage. If you are experiencing an issue with your device, which is NOT related to physical damage, we encourage you to take the following steps:

1. The first step in getting support for your Plum Mobile Device is to contact the retailer where the device was purchased, along with your receipt, to seek an immediate resolution.

2. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for answers and solutions to commonly asked questions and issues.

3. Send an E-Mail to our support department if you have already spoken to the retailer and read the FAQ

4. If your issue remains unresolved and the device does not have any sign of physical damage, please follow the directions below:

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Remove the Activated sim card from your old phone then install it into your new Plum phone. Power the phone ON. All set.

No, you do not have to contact your service provider. Simply swap the sim card into your new phone. All set.

All Plum phones from year 2022 are Unlocked 4G VoLTE and compatible with ATT, T mobile and approx. 10+ prepaid companies that uses ATT and T mobile Network

Example – Cricket, Metro, Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, Mint, Ting, Consumer Cellular, Patriot Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, Ultra Mobile and more

If your service provider uses ATT or T-Mobile network, then your Plum phone is compatible.

Remove the sim card and then insert it back again, it should work if not ask your service provider for a new sim card. all new plum phones are 4G VoLTE the latest technology and will not work with old sim cards.

Remove the sim card and then insert it back again, it should work if not ask your service provider for a new sim card. all new plum phones are 4G VoLTE the latest technology and will not work with old sim cards.

You will need a nano size sim card (the most common size) for use with any Plum model

No need to check IMEI compatibility as all Plum phones are factory unlocked.

Service providers only recognize IMEI numbers of approved brands like apple, Samsung etc. If you must enter IMEI to activate your new service

then use the IMEI of your old phone just to activate the service. Once activated put the sim card in. Power the phone ON. All set.

If you have a very old sim card it might be the bigger size (discontinued). Contact your service provider to get the Nano size sim card.

Sim card is a part of your service and is always provided by your service provider.

Voice mail is a service provided by your service provider. Usually, you can either press number 1 and hold it down or dial your own phone number to get to your voicemail.

Please only use the approved Plum charger that came with your device. Even though regular micro-USB chargers look the same they actually are not the same.

Original parts like chargers and batteries are sold by Plum authorized distributors online.

All Major service providers (ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon) are no longer using 3G/4G network after Feb 2022 and are requiring all devices to be 4G VoLTE or 5G.

Follow the instructions provided to insert the sim card. You can also visit your nearest cellphone store to get help.

All Plum Mobile Devices come with a One (1) Year Limited Warranty which covers factory defects or malfunction. Physical Damage or Water Damage are not covered under this warranty.

Your damaged or out of warranty Plum phone can be repaired However, the cost of parts and labor combined can often equal or exceed the replacement cost of the device.

To prevent unauthorized use of your device, you can lock and unlock your phone. When your phone is locked, calls can still be received, but no one can dial out, other than to call 911. If you have a Plum smart phone then Try gaining access to your Gmail account by going to

Most Feature phones (phones with buttons) can be setup by user to be locked in unauthorized use by setting up a 4 digit number.

The default code for feature phones is either 1122 or 1234

Please visit our Contact Us page to find out how to contact Plum Mobile.
For partnership opportunities you may also email and for support inquiries contact us at

Each service provider has their own APN or MMS settings. Contact your service provider to receive these settings and then follow the directions in your user guide to enter these settings.

Plum Feature phones (phones with buttons) have limited amount of memory and may be required to install a Micro SD memory card (available at any Walgreens or CVS) to receive pics or videos.

Copy the contacts from your old phone to your sim card or SD card (memory card), then insert the sim or SD card into your new Plum phone

For phones with buttons (feature phones) press contacts >options>import>copy>copy from phone> copy to phone.

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