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Android or iOS? The competition has always been fierce and in a market dominated by Apple, Android-based phones can be the solution to a lot of problems.

#1 Android offers a variety of devices at variety of prices

Apple has the final say over its hardware and software letting it has all the benefit in all its fields, whereas, Android offers a fair game for everyone as there are a lot of companies vying for the market share making it not so well for their bottom line, but offering consumers a diverse selection of devices at a diverse price range.

#2 Android is usually the first to get advanced hardware features

Water-resistant, OLED display, wireless charging, faster charging, removable batteries, dual-SIM support, dual cameras…all of it and more is available and usually first on Android phone. Agreed not all Android-based devices offers niche features, but if there’s some feature that would make it easier for you, you’re much likely to find it on Android.

#3 Android offers the option of customization

You don’t have to dig into your settings menu for any or everything you wish to change. If you don’t like something, you have the option to customize it or even change it.

#4 Google’s software stock is far superior

Apple is a hardware company and Google with all its expansion is still a software company and it’s clearly visible when you look at what’s pre-loaded on iOS and Android. Be it features like mail, maps, assistant or even Google’s keyboard, Google is powerful than Apple. Many iOS users download Google stuff and on Android, it’s already there, often ingrained in the device itself.

#5 Android is receptive to open standards

Apple’s whole deal is just locking you with its own stuff, Bluetooth pairing, headphones…basically an Apple-exclusive experience that can be great, but not always. Android, in this case, doesn’t force you and is receptive to open standards. You can grab any micro USB cable and successfully use it with your phone.

#6 Waterproof wonder

It’s sweet to be just able to walk out in the rain while talking on your phone without getting much worried about it. With Android’s waterproof feature there is not much to worry about water damage.

#7 Android offers much functionality, even on the home screen

With an iPhone, you can just swipe left or right on the home screen, nothing else. But with Android, you have all the options right there in front of you.

#8 No special programs needed to load media

Android makes it so easy to load media, whether it is music or videos, just drag and drop. You don’t need a third-party program for it.

#9 Android gives you custom widgets

You want to see your email without opening any app or see newly released videos on YouTube again without opening the app, you can custom scrollable widgets on your lock screen.

#10 The Google Play Store

Well-laid out, extremely user-friendly, offering any type of app that you can think of, but the real advantage comes in when you have to submit an app.


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