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An amazing option for those looking for a rough phone while still on budget, the Plum Might Plus 2, mightier than the sword covers all bases and how.

A tough phone with the best-in-class specifications combined with elegant design, internal speed and outdoor photography, with top-of-the-market hardware, the Might Plus 2 is an excellent all-rounder tough phone that is built to handle all the usual outdoorsy activities and still last a workday on a single charge.

If you are planning to upgrade from an older tough phone then Might Plus 2 is an excellent choice.

Here’s what the Plum Might Plus 2 does really well that makes it mightier than the sword

Stunning 5-inch display

The Might Plus 2 has a vivid 5-inch touch screen that is perfect for playing games, watching movies, net surfing, social networking or simply staying connected with your peers.

Looks awesome in vivid colours

With great fittings, the tough phone looks really good. Compact, light and comfortable to hold, the phone looks pretty elegant. It looks awesome in gold and rose-gold. You can also buy it in beautiful black and white colours.

Fast processor gets tasks done

With 8GB of onboard storage, expandable up to 64GB and when combined with 512 MB RAM, the tough phone allows users to store and run quite a few basic apps. Thanks to its impressive MEDIATEK 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor with 4G speed, the rough phone packs a powerful performance.

One charge and you are done for the day

Plum Mobile offers good battery life on all its mobile phones and the Might Plus 2 is no exception. A full battery should take you from morning to night, but streaming and navigation can drain it faster.

Bright outdoor photos

An 8 MPX rear camera allows users to capture all those outdoorsy moments as the back camera performs extremely well offering a chance to take some detailed shots with good colour reproduction. While the 2 MP front-facing cameras for the selfies lovers is less-detailed, it also offers the opportunity to take some decent shots.





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