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Whether you are hitting the beach or enjoying a pool party with your friends you would want your phone to be by your side whether it is calling and inviting more friends to join the fun or taking some memorable pictures. But fun times can turn into the disaster if accidentally you drop your phone in water. Just a slip and your mobile phone is in the vegetable stock you were cooking or in the toilet bowl or in the pool. Usually, you’re screwed unless you are really lucky or have some silica gel pocket handy or you are smart and have upgraded to a waterproof phone.

Who says you need to keep your mobile phone away from water? Whether you accidentally spill water on your phone or drop your smartphone in your drink or with the unstoppable rains you fear damage to your most prized possession but not anymore as a growing number of waterproof phones with solid features are now available across varied price segments.

If you own a waterproof mobile all you need to do is just rinse off that stock with some water and you are good to go. And you can also

  • Take your phone outside even when it’s pouring and you haven’t finished sending that email
  • Or when inspiration strikes while you are still in the shower you don’t have to wait to get out and dry yourself and when you get to write it just slips away.
  • Or when occasionally you toss your phone into the water to show off.

Here’s how water resistance works

Your phone has many gaps; every single port, buttons, speaker, microphone, between the rim and phone glass, basically every nook and corner from where water can seep into your phone but the waterproof phone is sealed with glue, lots of it. A thick sticky substance is used to cement the screen to the chassis and for the removable components like ports and buttons, rubber gaskets does the trick. These rubber rings work as an extra insurance as they work as a covering.

But it is important that the phone is just watertight and not airtight otherwise the pressure inside the phone would not be equal to the outside and it can create an opportunity for the pressure to reach the phone’s seal letting the water come in. The pressure is equalized by adding a water-resistant, breathable fabric membrane to let the air through.

But none of these techniques is enough to keep the water out indefinitely that is why they are called water-resistant and not waterproof. And most phones come with what you should not do with your water-resistant phone and yes tossing your phone into the water to show off even if occasionally is definitely one of them.

So now you know why your phone doesn’t need to fear water anymore. Upgrade to a waterproof phone so your phone doesn’t fear water experiences and let you experience more.


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