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Tips for conserving your Smartphone’s Battery and Data Usage

Smart phones are more advanced than ever. They are loaded with ample of features like front and rear facing cameras, GPS, finger print locks etc. These have made life easy and comfortable. Even if you’re tech-savvy Smartphone user, you probably still not know every tip to make the best use of your Smartphone.

The most important thing in your phone is always your battery and data and you keep your phone battery charged so as to use it all day long, but do you know how to conserve your phone battery and make a maximum use of your data?

Here is the 7 tips guide that will help you solve your battery usage and data pack problem:

1.     Disable background data for your non-essential apps.

Many apps run in the background even when you aren’t using them.  Not every time you are playing games, using notes or playing music, these apps stay in the background and consume battery and data pack. Just restrict it if not in use. This will save your battery and data usage.

2.     Download memory management software.

Users can download memory management softwares available on app store free of cost. These softwares are designed especially to save memory.

3.     Disable notifications and turn the fetch function off.

Every time your phone buzzes with a notification from Snapchat, Instagram or Tweet, it loses a lot of power. Keep these notifications to a minimum to maximize the battery life.

4.     Don’t use your smartphone while charging it.

Have you ever wondered why phone manufacturers make small charging cable? Do they want to save money? No. The answer is – They want us not to use while charging it. They discourage this idea because it reduces battery life to a large extent.

5.     Disable cellular data usage for specific apps and features to conserve battery power.

Turn off the cellular data usage for certain apps when not in use. This will save your battery to a large extent. Unnecessarily keeping the cellular data on eats up the battery and mobile data.

6.     Extend your battery with low power mode.

Your phone battery is low and you’re not near the charging socket or you don’t have your cable. Don’t panic! Your phone itself has the solution. In phone settings, you’ve the option of Low Power Mode, just switch on the low power mode and by this you’re giving THREE more hours of battery life.

7.     Premium versions of your favorite apps can save both data usage and battery power.

Yes, we all like free apps. Like all other things in life, they always come with a price. Free apps continuously use mobile data to show you pop-up ads and commercials. Instead, make use of premium version of apps that won’t show you any such ads.

Plum’s rugged phones are designed so as to solve all such problems.

We have compiled some most useful tricks to solve your most common battery and data problems. Hope these tips help you in using your Smartphone in new rays.

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