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Many-a-times an argument over which OS is better started out of the blue with the two main competitors Android and iOS always pitted against each other. If you are onboard with team Android then there are few arguments you could use the next time you are the part of the argument and nobody would be able to deny your point cause they’ll know you are right. So here goes…

#1 Choose any mobile phone of your liking

Android gives you options, lots of options. If you are looking to buy a new mobile phone then with Android as the OS you have lots of choices in all range. You can choose from varied brands but make sure to research phone performance and efficiency.

#2 Android Widgets

Android widgets make life so much easier. Just click the icons on your desktop and the application opens up instantly.

#3 Google Assistant

Just like iPhone has its Siri, Google has created a Google Assistant for Android-powered devices and it can come quite handy. It will provide you with various information, call someone, schedule an alarm, send text messages and emails. Keep in mind that, recently, these assistants can be connected to house gadgets, such as heating and lighting devices, so whenever you decide to buy a phone, make sure to purchase the one that can work with your home appliances.

#4 Play Store

According to Google, the Play Store has 3 million+ apps. Earlier, Android users had to wait for some apps to appear in the Play Store but the trend has changed. Android market is leading and setting newer trends.

#5 Data Encryption

Worried about your data being shared, worry no more. Android has worked on its versions and has made data encryption mandatory. Now you can rest assured that your data is secured and encrypted on every Android device.

#6 Clearing Cache

If there is one thing that Android made easier compared to other operating systems, clearing cache. Enter Settings, find Applications and click on Applications Manager. There you can see how much internal storage each and every app takes and with just a single click clear cache.

#7 Unlimited Storage

Want more room? Use Micro Cards to enlarge your storage. If you have up to 16GB of storage, you can always add more – with the memory card up to 128GB. This is a straightforward and elegant way to make more space for your phone related stuff.

Android lets us do stuff; fun stuff! From designing our home screen up to choose one of 3 million+ apps, Android really lets our creative side to come out. So, if you still wonder why should you choose Android, reread these listed reasons and you’ll know why Android is an excellent mobile OS.


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