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Top 7 Tips To Make Your Mobile Device Rugged

Rugged mobile devices are so cool – they save time, money and keeps running on and on and on. If you too like rugged devices here are top 7 tips to make your regular device more robust.

  1. Put a case on your mobile

Not all mobile devices are built rugged and putting on a case will only make it more durable. So if you are buying a rugged device, why buy a case for it? Because a lot of damage occurs when the device is actually not in use so the case will not only take care of the device but also keep it safe when not in use extending its life. It also protects your phone from breaking while you accidentally drop it.

  1. Screen protector

Use a screen protector to keep your device looking fresh and if it starts to peel or come away, invest in another.

  1. Hand strap

A must-have feature for people who keep dropping their device.

  1. Device tethering

A simple elastic tether can help your device from falling too far when dropped accidentally. No matter how rugged your phone is, if you drop it from a height it will break and tethering can save it.

  1. Rugged design

Some devices are simply more rugged than other so when looking for rugged mobile phones go for thick plastic corners that are rounded off. Also, look out for battery cases and covers that don’t come off easily when dropped.

  1. Strong buttons

While soft buttons look good on enterprise mobiles, rugged devices need buttons that last longer and also you don’t need switches that turn the device on when still in the pocket. String rubber buttons are durable and last longer and if a person is wearing work gloves these buttons make more sense.

  1. Wrist strap

Not many devices come with hand straps but investing in a wrist strap is sensible and cheap. While it is not as functional as a hand strap, a wrist strap will still help to save your phone from a drop.

Try these 7 add-ons to make your regular device rugged and enjoy taking it outdoors without worrying much about dropping and breaking your mobile.

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