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Smart phones are more advanced than ever. They are loaded with ample of features like front and rear facing cameras, GPS, finger print locks etc. These have made life easy and comfortable. Even if you’re tech-savvy Smartphone user, you probably still not know every tip to make the best use of your Smartphone.

The most important thing in your phone is always your battery and data and you keep your phone battery charged so as to use it all day long, but do you know how to conserve your phone battery and make a maximum use of your data?

Here is the 7 tips guide that will help you solve your battery usage and data pack problem:

1.     Disable background data for your non-essential apps.

Many apps run in the background even when you aren’t using them.  Not every time you are playing games, using notes or playing music, these apps stay in the background and consume battery and data pack. Just restrict it if not in use. This will save your battery and data usage.

2.     Download memory management software.

Users can download memory management softwares available on app store free of cost. These softwares are designed especially to save memory.

3.     Disable notifications and turn the fetch function off.

Every time your phone buzzes with a notification from Snapchat, Instagram or Tweet, it loses a lot of power. Keep these notifications to a minimum to maximize the battery life.

4.     Don’t use your smartphone while charging it.

Have you ever wondered why phone manufacturers make small charging cable? Do they want to save money? No. The answer is – They want us not to use while charging it. They discourage this idea because it reduces battery life to a large extent.

5.     Disable cellular data usage for specific apps and features to conserve battery power.

Turn off the cellular data usage for certain apps when not in use. This will save your battery to a large extent. Unnecessarily keeping the cellular data on eats up the battery and mobile data.

6.     Extend your battery with low power mode.

Your phone battery is low and you’re not near the charging socket or you don’t have your cable. Don’t panic! Your phone itself has the solution. In phone settings, you’ve the option of Low Power Mode, just switch on the low power mode and by this you’re giving THREE more hours of battery life.

7.     Premium versions of your favorite apps can save both data usage and battery power.

Yes, we all like free apps. Like all other things in life, they always come with a price. Free apps continuously use mobile data to show you pop-up ads and commercials. Instead, make use of premium version of apps that won’t show you any such ads.

Plum’s rugged phones are designed so as to solve all such problems.

We have compiled some most useful tricks to solve your most common battery and data problems. Hope these tips help you in using your Smartphone in new rays.

Rugged mobile devices are so cool – they save time, money and keeps running on and on and on. If you too like rugged devices here are top 7 tips to make your regular device more robust.

  1. Put a case on your mobile

Not all mobile devices are built rugged and putting on a case will only make it more durable. So if you are buying a rugged device, why buy a case for it? Because a lot of damage occurs when the device is actually not in use so the case will not only take care of the device but also keep it safe when not in use extending its life. It also protects your phone from breaking while you accidentally drop it.

  1. Screen protector

Use a screen protector to keep your device looking fresh and if it starts to peel or come away, invest in another.

  1. Hand strap

A must-have feature for people who keep dropping their device.

  1. Device tethering

A simple elastic tether can help your device from falling too far when dropped accidentally. No matter how rugged your phone is, if you drop it from a height it will break and tethering can save it.

  1. Rugged design

Some devices are simply more rugged than other so when looking for rugged mobile phones go for thick plastic corners that are rounded off. Also, look out for battery cases and covers that don’t come off easily when dropped.

  1. Strong buttons

While soft buttons look good on enterprise mobiles, rugged devices need buttons that last longer and also you don’t need switches that turn the device on when still in the pocket. String rubber buttons are durable and last longer and if a person is wearing work gloves these buttons make more sense.

  1. Wrist strap

Not many devices come with hand straps but investing in a wrist strap is sensible and cheap. While it is not as functional as a hand strap, a wrist strap will still help to save your phone from a drop.

Try these 7 add-ons to make your regular device rugged and enjoy taking it outdoors without worrying much about dropping and breaking your mobile.

An amazing option for those looking for a rough phone while still on budget, the Plum Might Plus 2, mightier than the sword covers all bases and how.

A tough phone with the best-in-class specifications combined with elegant design, internal speed and outdoor photography, with top-of-the-market hardware, the Might Plus 2 is an excellent all-rounder tough phone that is built to handle all the usual outdoorsy activities and still last a workday on a single charge.

If you are planning to upgrade from an older tough phone then Might Plus 2 is an excellent choice.

Here’s what the Plum Might Plus 2 does really well that makes it mightier than the sword

Stunning 5-inch display

The Might Plus 2 has a vivid 5-inch touch screen that is perfect for playing games, watching movies, net surfing, social networking or simply staying connected with your peers.

Looks awesome in vivid colours

With great fittings, the tough phone looks really good. Compact, light and comfortable to hold, the phone looks pretty elegant. It looks awesome in gold and rose-gold. You can also buy it in beautiful black and white colours.

Fast processor gets tasks done

With 8GB of onboard storage, expandable up to 64GB and when combined with 512 MB RAM, the tough phone allows users to store and run quite a few basic apps. Thanks to its impressive MEDIATEK 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor with 4G speed, the rough phone packs a powerful performance.

One charge and you are done for the day

Plum Mobile offers good battery life on all its mobile phones and the Might Plus 2 is no exception. A full battery should take you from morning to night, but streaming and navigation can drain it faster.

Bright outdoor photos

An 8 MPX rear camera allows users to capture all those outdoorsy moments as the back camera performs extremely well offering a chance to take some detailed shots with good colour reproduction. While the 2 MP front-facing cameras for the selfies lovers is less-detailed, it also offers the opportunity to take some decent shots.





Android or iOS? The competition has always been fierce and in a market dominated by Apple, Android-based phones can be the solution to a lot of problems.

#1 Android offers a variety of devices at variety of prices

Apple has the final say over its hardware and software letting it has all the benefit in all its fields, whereas, Android offers a fair game for everyone as there are a lot of companies vying for the market share making it not so well for their bottom line, but offering consumers a diverse selection of devices at a diverse price range.

#2 Android is usually the first to get advanced hardware features

Water-resistant, OLED display, wireless charging, faster charging, removable batteries, dual-SIM support, dual cameras…all of it and more is available and usually first on Android phone. Agreed not all Android-based devices offers niche features, but if there’s some feature that would make it easier for you, you’re much likely to find it on Android.

#3 Android offers the option of customization

You don’t have to dig into your settings menu for any or everything you wish to change. If you don’t like something, you have the option to customize it or even change it.

#4 Google’s software stock is far superior

Apple is a hardware company and Google with all its expansion is still a software company and it’s clearly visible when you look at what’s pre-loaded on iOS and Android. Be it features like mail, maps, assistant or even Google’s keyboard, Google is powerful than Apple. Many iOS users download Google stuff and on Android, it’s already there, often ingrained in the device itself.

#5 Android is receptive to open standards

Apple’s whole deal is just locking you with its own stuff, Bluetooth pairing, headphones…basically an Apple-exclusive experience that can be great, but not always. Android, in this case, doesn’t force you and is receptive to open standards. You can grab any micro USB cable and successfully use it with your phone.

#6 Waterproof wonder

It’s sweet to be just able to walk out in the rain while talking on your phone without getting much worried about it. With Android’s waterproof feature there is not much to worry about water damage.

#7 Android offers much functionality, even on the home screen

With an iPhone, you can just swipe left or right on the home screen, nothing else. But with Android, you have all the options right there in front of you.

#8 No special programs needed to load media

Android makes it so easy to load media, whether it is music or videos, just drag and drop. You don’t need a third-party program for it.

#9 Android gives you custom widgets

You want to see your email without opening any app or see newly released videos on YouTube again without opening the app, you can custom scrollable widgets on your lock screen.

#10 The Google Play Store

Well-laid out, extremely user-friendly, offering any type of app that you can think of, but the real advantage comes in when you have to submit an app.


Many-a-times an argument over which OS is better started out of the blue with the two main competitors Android and iOS always pitted against each other. If you are onboard with team Android then there are few arguments you could use the next time you are the part of the argument and nobody would be able to deny your point cause they’ll know you are right. So here goes…

#1 Choose any mobile phone of your liking

Android gives you options, lots of options. If you are looking to buy a new mobile phone then with Android as the OS you have lots of choices in all range. You can choose from varied brands but make sure to research phone performance and efficiency.

#2 Android Widgets

Android widgets make life so much easier. Just click the icons on your desktop and the application opens up instantly.

#3 Google Assistant

Just like iPhone has its Siri, Google has created a Google Assistant for Android-powered devices and it can come quite handy. It will provide you with various information, call someone, schedule an alarm, send text messages and emails. Keep in mind that, recently, these assistants can be connected to house gadgets, such as heating and lighting devices, so whenever you decide to buy a phone, make sure to purchase the one that can work with your home appliances.

#4 Play Store

According to Google, the Play Store has 3 million+ apps. Earlier, Android users had to wait for some apps to appear in the Play Store but the trend has changed. Android market is leading and setting newer trends.

#5 Data Encryption

Worried about your data being shared, worry no more. Android has worked on its versions and has made data encryption mandatory. Now you can rest assured that your data is secured and encrypted on every Android device.

#6 Clearing Cache

If there is one thing that Android made easier compared to other operating systems, clearing cache. Enter Settings, find Applications and click on Applications Manager. There you can see how much internal storage each and every app takes and with just a single click clear cache.

#7 Unlimited Storage

Want more room? Use Micro Cards to enlarge your storage. If you have up to 16GB of storage, you can always add more – with the memory card up to 128GB. This is a straightforward and elegant way to make more space for your phone related stuff.

Android lets us do stuff; fun stuff! From designing our home screen up to choose one of 3 million+ apps, Android really lets our creative side to come out. So, if you still wonder why should you choose Android, reread these listed reasons and you’ll know why Android is an excellent mobile OS.


Whether you are hitting the beach or enjoying a pool party with your friends you would want your phone to be by your side whether it is calling and inviting more friends to join the fun or taking some memorable pictures. But fun times can turn into the disaster if accidentally you drop your phone in water. Just a slip and your mobile phone is in the vegetable stock you were cooking or in the toilet bowl or in the pool. Usually, you’re screwed unless you are really lucky or have some silica gel pocket handy or you are smart and have upgraded to a waterproof phone.

Who says you need to keep your mobile phone away from water? Whether you accidentally spill water on your phone or drop your smartphone in your drink or with the unstoppable rains you fear damage to your most prized possession but not anymore as a growing number of waterproof phones with solid features are now available across varied price segments.

If you own a waterproof mobile all you need to do is just rinse off that stock with some water and you are good to go. And you can also

  • Take your phone outside even when it’s pouring and you haven’t finished sending that email
  • Or when inspiration strikes while you are still in the shower you don’t have to wait to get out and dry yourself and when you get to write it just slips away.
  • Or when occasionally you toss your phone into the water to show off.

Here’s how water resistance works

Your phone has many gaps; every single port, buttons, speaker, microphone, between the rim and phone glass, basically every nook and corner from where water can seep into your phone but the waterproof phone is sealed with glue, lots of it. A thick sticky substance is used to cement the screen to the chassis and for the removable components like ports and buttons, rubber gaskets does the trick. These rubber rings work as an extra insurance as they work as a covering.

But it is important that the phone is just watertight and not airtight otherwise the pressure inside the phone would not be equal to the outside and it can create an opportunity for the pressure to reach the phone’s seal letting the water come in. The pressure is equalized by adding a water-resistant, breathable fabric membrane to let the air through.

But none of these techniques is enough to keep the water out indefinitely that is why they are called water-resistant and not waterproof. And most phones come with what you should not do with your water-resistant phone and yes tossing your phone into the water to show off even if occasionally is definitely one of them.

So now you know why your phone doesn’t need to fear water anymore. Upgrade to a waterproof phone so your phone doesn’t fear water experiences and let you experience more.


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